Hykoont Street Light Pole 13ft Tall

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With its high-quality construction, versatile design, and ease of use, the Dimgogo Solar Lamp Post is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add safe and reliable lighting to their outdoor space.

Installation Steps
Step 1: Dig a pit in the ground.

Step 2: ut the ground cage in.

Step 3: Fill with concrete and the threaded part must be exposed.

Step 4: Fix the street light pole on the foundation.

Know before installing

Installation of light poles requires consideration of the following key factors: pole height, hole depth, local geological conditions, and climate conditions...

Typically, light poles ranging from 13ft to 16ft require a hole depth of 3-4 feet, while those 20ft and above require 4-5 feet.

Regarding geological conditions, softer ground necessitates deeper drilling than usual. Similarly, regions experiencing heavy rainfall require deeper holes.

In varying climate conditions, local climate factors, especially wind speed, must be considered. Areas prone to strong winds or heavy rainfall require deeper drilling to ensure the stability of the light pole in adverse weather conditions.






Q235 steel




Semi Flush Mount