Hykoont LF165W-2 500W LED Flood Light Outdoor 50000 Lumens 2 Pack

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Product specification

  • Before first use, please let the sun charge the solar panel during daytime hours.
  • The charging efficiency of the solar panel depends on the weather conditions, the stronger the sunlight, the shorter the charging time, and the lighting time may be shortened in the case of long-term cloudy days (rainy days), which is a normal phenomenon.
  • The solar panel will be covered with dust when used outdoors for a long time. In order to get a better charging performance, it is recommended to clean up regularly.
  • Application: outdoor wall or pole in square, park, garden, courtyard, street, sidewalk, channel, farm, perimeter security, etc.
Product Name

500W LED Flood Light with Plug

Type of Bulb




Luminous Flux


Color Temperature

5000K Daylight White