The Benefits of Solar Powered Street Lights

The Benefits of Solar Powered Street Lights

Solar powered street lights is becoming more and more popular not only for households and businesses but for communities too. The use of solar power for illuminating streets and other public places is getting more popular. It has become a dependable source of lighting streets around the world. There are multiple benefits of using solar street lights, like conservation of energy, use of a conventional source of energy, and less dependence on the national grid. We can receive ample sunlight most time of the year and can be highly benefited from this source of light.

Nowadays, outdoor solar lighting solutions are powered by an in-built battery, PV panels, smart sensors, LED lights, and everything integrated into one compact unit. This form of lighting option has become an environment-friendly and cost-effective way of lighting streets or any public place.

Solar energy is a cost-effective option for lighting, using LEDs with solar light becomes a super saver combo. At the same time, LED lights are long-lasting, maintenance-free, and known for energy conservation. These specifications of solar LED are perfect for lighting-up roads, streets, parks, etc.


What are solar street lights?

Solar street lights are street lights which powered by the sun. They use solar panels to capture the power of the sun and convert the sunlight into an alternative source of energy. HYKOONT has a great range of solar street lights for you that come with integrated batteries, no wires to worry about, and are a breeze to install. 

HYKOONT truly believes grid-free autonomous solar street lights will soon become the norm and we have created a list of five benefits of using solar street lights that we think might give you that same belief. Hope you enjoy it.




Here is the detailed advantage of solar street lights:


  1. Easy to Install anytime

The installation process for solar street lights is easy. There is no wiring or electrical work required when installing of a solar-powered street light. The panel, lithium battery, controller and LED light are all integrated into the fitting. All that needs to be done is to attach the fixture to a pole or flat surface.


  1. Reasonable Cost

When only considering the cost of the hardware and installation, HYKOONT solar street lights are very competitive. When you consider the whole life costs they come out ahead offering good value for money. This is because they require no expensive trenching and cabling to install and there are no ongoing energy costs or negative impacts on the environment. 


  1. Low maintenance

Solar led street light systems are essentially maintenance free. When they are correctly installed, solar street lights only require periodic cleaning of the solar panel and the optics. The solar panels have self-cleaning glass and are positioned at the optimum angle to obtain the maximum cleaning effect of the rain, they often require no maintenance.  In addition, if you’ve chosen HYKOONT, we provide an industry-leading 10 years battery performance guarantee on our unique patented lithium-ion battery management systems. 

The lights can be easily lowered to ground level for attention so we don’t require any special high-lift, heavy machinery or cleaning equipment. If the light is dirty it can simply be lowered and wiped down or dusted as needed. 


  1. Better for the environment

The electricity supply for traditional grid-connected street lights is a drain on local government funds and is the largest source of carbon emissions. solar powered street lights are easier on the environment as the solar panels are only dependent on the sun for power and their operations produce zero carbon emissions when using. 

Solar street lights provide great coverage and with a newly designed system such as this, you’re not only getting solar lights, but also LED fixtures with super sharp cut off optics that help reduce lighting glare.


  1. Reliability

The powerful solar street lights are tried, tested, and proven to be very reliable. If you consider the fact that they aren’t susceptible to blackouts and brown-outs that are occurring more frequently these days,  they are more reliable than any other grid-connected street lights.

If there’s a problem with the electricity grid you’ll lose a whole area of lights and if there’s a problem with a solar light you’ll only lose one.


Solar powered street lights are the best lighting solution for any communities. They can help to boost the look of your neighborhood, reduce overall emissions, they will keep your streets illuminated even during a blackout, provide great pedestrian and driver visibility, and are essentially maintenance-free.


To learn more about our solar LED street lighting options contact us today!


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