BM024C Solar Street Lights Outdoor 300000 Lumens 6500K 2400W

Sale price$ 179.99

Size: 2400W

Energy Efficient Solar Parking Lot Lights

Solar Street Lights Outdoor with Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor can be automatically turned on.

When people get close to the solar street light, the lamp will automatically turn on to 100% brightness.

When people leave the light, it will automatically adjust to 30% brightness.

Street lights solar powered, energy saving and no pay.

lighting options: dusk to dawn mode, motion detection mode, timing mode, [Light sensor + Motion sensor + Timing] mode.

Solar street lights outdoor, which provides your illumination for security and safety protection.

Long Lasting Battery of the Solar Street Lights Outdoor

20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Battery capacity display

Always to know the charging and lighting conditions of solar street light, which provide you and your family with more convenience

2800W Solar Street Light Outdoor 300000 Lumens Dusk to Dawn Solar Parking Lot Lights

Product specification

1. Please test the solar street light by covering the solar panel to check whether the lightcan work normally before installation.

2. Before first use, please be sure the solar panel can be charged with suffcient sunlight for 10-12 hrs.

3. The charging efficiency of the solar panel depends on the weather conditions, the stronger the sunlight, the shorter the charging time, and the lighting time may be shortened in the case of long-term cloudy days (rainy days), which is a normal phenomenon.

4. To make the outdoor solar light work more effciently,please install the light in a place where direct sunlight can reach and away from any kind of shade.

5. Two installation methods for choosing, install it on the wall or on a pole. lt is recommended to install the light at a height of 16ft to 20ft

Application: outdoor wall or pole in square, park, garden, courtyard, street, sidewalk, channel, farm, perimeter security, etc.



Light fixture form


Room Type


Product Dimensions

‎24"L x 12"W x 4"H

Power Source

Battery Powered

Installation Type

Wall Mount

Control Method


Number of Light Sources